Webinar: Community Capital Funds as Vehicles for Wealth and Power Building

Participatory Investment
June 27, 2018

In the face of exclusion from financial decision-making, marginalized communities (and in particular, communities of color) are taking matters into their own hands by creating community capital funds. Such vehicles, with sufficient community voice in their structure and investment decisions, have the ability to fill capital gaps, capturing the need for financing vetted community businesses. Equally importantly, they can be vehicles for power building.

In this webinar, Nwamaka Agbo of Nwamaka Agbo Consulting details her work at the intersection of power building, community governance, and capital. She then turns to the creation and structure of Democratizing Capital East Bay (DCEB), an Oakland-based community capital fund. Jeff Rosen of the Solidago Foundation then explains the financial mechanism of DCEB and how it compares an earlier iteration, the PVGrows Investment Fund, and other similar vehicles. The discussion focuses on how an integrated capital strategy that catalyzes investors of different risk profiles intersects with the deep mission of the fund.

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