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What are Alternative Ownership Enterprises?

Who owns an enterprise, and what rights are associated with that ownership, determines who controls and benefits from the economy. We need models that limit the profit-maximizing drive of outside investors and afford other stakeholders the opportunity to influence and financially benefit from the companies that affect their lives. There is a rich body of work which does just that: we refer to it as Alternative Ownership Enterprises (AOE). 

Alternative Ownership Enterprises are firms that significantly shift economic value and decision-making power toward the non-investor stakeholders they impact, such as workers, producers, consumers, community members, or even a non-financial purpose. They provide a structural shift away from shareholder primacy, toward an economy that works for everyone.  

Transform Finance is informing and mobilizing impact investors to accelerate the flow of capital toward high-impact Alternative Ownership Enterprises.

about the learning hub

This Learning Hub is a one-stop resource for learning about Alternative Ownership Enterprises and how to invest in them. You’ll find our flagship report titled Alternative Ownership Enterprises: An Introduction for Mission-Oriented Investors, a database of AOE funds, information about past and upcoming webinars as well as additional reports and insights we have published over the past few years.

Alternative Ownership Enterprise Resources

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