Program Overview

To transform finance, a lot needs to be done.

We believe there are transformative alternatives across the entire universe of capital flows, so our programs reflect this rich diversity of approaches.

Within each program, we offer a variety of resources, experiences, and services to our stakeholders. Read more about each of them below.

Place-Based Investing

Supporting Transformative Place-Based Investing

Investments in communities, or place-based investments, often target specific problems but do not build long term power for communities. We support investment efforts that share decision making with communities and capitalize projects that communities want.

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Transformative Financing Structures

Changing How Investments Are Structured

A more Transformative economy requires capital that is structured equitably. We design and promote deal structures, financing tools, and enterprise models that feature community engagement and governance, are non-extractive, and fairly balance of risk and return.

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Thematic Impact

Developing Issue-Specific Investment Approaches

We help investors adopt thematic approaches to impact; that is, investment strategies that benefit a specific community, operate within a specific sector, or achieve a bundle of related impact outcomes.

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Foundations of Impact

Deepening the Theory Behind Mission-Driven Investment

We seek to make Transformative Finance the primary logic of the financial system. To do this, we cause investors to question the role of finance in society, and help them adopt wholesale changes to how they approach impact.

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Non-Program Work

Not all of our work can be grouped into programs. Some other concepts we are exploring can be found here.

Capital Strategies

Social change actors know that capital holds power, and that influencing investor posture and action can advance movement goals. There are many examples of these “Capital Strategies” – and they grow more important as the financial sector becomes more and more powerful. We’re currently building out a resource hub to support movement leaders and infrastructure builders to make Capital Strategies happen.