Webinar: GAWA Capital's Huruma Fund

Alternative Financing Structures
June 4, 2020

This presentation explores several features of the Huruma Fund, GAWA Capital's newest, which invests in smallholder farmer financing via MFIs. The Huruma Fund combines several aspects of interest:

  • a sturdy impact management approach via the transformation of financing business models to better serve farmers  
  • tying fund manager compensation to achievement of impact
  • a blended finance structure that aligns different financial and social return expectations with the fund's theory of change    

Whether you are interested in best practices in smallholder farmer financing or the technical aspects of the fund structure, you will find this presentation by Luca Torre, GAWA Capital co-founder and CEO, quite instructive. You can find additional information on GAWA Capital and the Huruma Fund at www.gawacapital.com.

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Alternative Financing Structures