Webinar with the Intentional Endowments Network on Racial Justice Investing

Racial Justice
December 21, 2020

It is abundantly clear how investments in private prisons, or lack of investments for entrepreneurs of color, affect racial justice outcomes. But what about all the other investments in a portfolio? In this session led by Andrea Armeni, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Transform Finance, we will focus on some of the more difficult-to-see ways in which endowments are inextricably linked to outcomes that negatively affect communities of color.

Transform Finance, along with other experts in the field, will lead us into conversation to argue that capital has a long way to go in being a true ally – or even just not being a source of harm – for communities of color, and this starts with identifying where race shows up in a portfolio in less obvious ways. Panelists will provide a look at some examples that tie seemingly neutral investment decisions to harmful practices that exacerbate issues like the racial wealth gap, job quality, education, housing, and health. We will discuss some of the real actions investors can take – and also try to get some ideas from the audience on obstacles to this approach.

This webinar builds off of our project on Racial Justice and Finance.


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Racial Justice