Database of Alternative Ownership Enterprise Investment Funds and Vehicles

Transform Finance is pleased to release a new database for investors interested in Alternative Ownership Enterprises (AOEs). Alternative Ownership Enterprises (AOEs) are firms that significantly shift economic value and decision-making power toward the non-investor stakeholders they impact, such as workers, producers, consumers, community members, or even a non-financial purpose. They include Cooperatives, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs) and many other models (for more information about AOEs and the models described below, please refer to our report: “Alternative Ownership Enterprises: An Introduction For Mission-Oriented Investors”).

The focus of this database is on funds operating within the United States and Canada. We hope this database provides a helpful starting point for deploying capital in a way that fosters an economy that works for the many, not just for the few. 

Important disclaimers

This database is still in beta. The information contained is based on desk research, with efforts made to validate data with investment teams where possible. Some data is not available or shared publicly (marked with “--” in the database) and there are likely to be errors and omissions. Please email with any recommendations, feedback, and edits.

The information provided in this database is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. It aims to serve as a starting point for investors looking to engage with and support Alternative Ownership Enterprises.

This list of funds is also accessible via ImpactAlpha’s Ownership Economy Fund Database.

Many thanks to the Capstone students at the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service (Joe Liberatore, Ruoyu Cai, Rachel Fleischer, and Yiming Shan) for their work in compiling this database.