Educational Engagements

Educating and mobilizing capital providers through unique and generative learning experiences.

We offer presentations, workshops, and trainings for capital movers and networks who have already absorbed educational materials and want to take further steps towards taking action.

These offerings are ideal for groups exploring specific topics, especially those within our Program Areas, and want to develop knowledge and/or recommendations that can guide their activities.

Types of Educational Offerings

See current offerings and opportunities to learn with us below.

Brown Bags and Presentations

We provide informative sessions and discussions for teams, full organizations, and membership organizations in order to dive into topics at the edge of Transformative Finance. These events can start conversations and address critical knowledge gaps for teams.

Example: We developed a presentation and corresponding panel for the Ford Foundation to inform their strategy on the Future of Work. The event presented a variety of key issues and convened staff across programs to form a baseline understanding of how finance and investors drive many of the issues facing workers in today’s economy.

Reach out to set up a one-time presentation for your organization on one of our Program areas

Strategy Development Sessions

We customize multi-session engagements with teams who seek to address specific impact question(s) facing their organization. These sessions combine learning and action, developing deep knowledge, discussing recommendations, and making action plans. All of our Strategy Development Sessions are developed uniquely for our partners.

: We developed a three-part series for the Beneficial State Foundation to understand how they can apply Participatory Investing in their work to transform the banking industry.

Reach out to to co-develop a Strategy Development Session for a core area of your work

Group Trainings and Workshops

We periodically offer multi-session trainings and workshops for larger groups of individuals across many organizations to dive into thematic areas of investment. These longer engagements provide much further grounding in the topic of the workshop, build community among participants, and create space for participants to apply the learnings to their own organizations.

Example: A three-part Funder Workshop Series on Grassroots Community Engaged Investment, which convened 40+ philanthropic organizations seeking to develop investment and grant-making strategies for democratizing investments into communities.

We don't have any open trainings or workshops to sign up for now, but check back later!