Orientation to Capital Strategies

Capital Strategies
August 10, 2022

Corporations and large financial actors are in the driver's seat for determining how capital flows (and therefore how that capital perpetuates social and racial injustice). So what can social movements do to change that behavior and hold them accountable? 

For years, we delivered trainings on for social justice actors to dig into that question, understand the financial system, develop skills to help leverage financial actors for social change, and work with leaders who are influencing and acquiring capital for their communities.

Based on that work, as well as an internal report developed for Open Society Foundations alongside Majority Action, we've developed a new resource for organizers who are new to the world of finance that introduces the world of Capital Strategies. This brief, Orientation to Capital Strategies, provides an overview of different types of Capital Strategies, or social change actions that leverage the relationships between companies, their sources of capital, and the capital markets more broadly to change corporate behavior in a way that drives a social outcome.

The brief breaks down different kinds of Capital Strategies that stem from different investor powers, demonstrating multiple avenues that activists and organizers have for influencing the flow of capital.

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Capital Strategies